Donald Trump vs. Joe Exotic

Is the POTUS a psychopath or a patsy?

If you haven’t heard the story of Joe Exotic, I’ll give you a brief synopsis:

Joe Exotic is in prison for attempting to have Carole Baskin killed. He was an exotic animal breeder; she was trying to eliminate the breeding of exotic animals. It was a good, old fashioned rivalry. Many of his supporters believe he was set up.

Donald Trump, Jr. has apparently requested that his father pardon Joe Exotic. He has a soft spot for the easily manipulated.

If you know of Joe Exotic from the Netflix special, Tiger King, or remember him from his bid for president in 2016, you can probably understand how he could easily be manipulated. He definitely hated “Carole f — ing Baskin” and it’s feasible that their feud could push him to murder.

He clearly wasn’t smart enough to accomplish his goal. But what if the goal of the real mastermind wasn’t to have Carole Baskin killed? What if it was to get rid of Joe Exotic? Joe didn’t benefit at all from the situation, but others certainly did.

Is it possible that one man, and not an especially smart one, is to blame for the current state of America?

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to benefit beyond his very basic need for power and attention — good or bad. He’s not picky. He does truly love his supporters, in his own unique way. They are his life force. His reputation is important to him. Do you think he wants his name to go down in history as the lunatic president who incited an inept group of insurgents to try to assassinate members of Congress?

He strikes me as the “any press is good press” kind of guy so… maybe? Many powerful men don’t differentiate between famous and infamous. Some prefer the latter.

Like the proud idiots posting treasonous acts on social media, I believe he was simply enjoying the attention. He often acts like an impulsive child who lacks the forethought to consider the consequences of his actions. If he were planning to actually succeed at overthrowing the government, he could have used a competent army… one that wouldn’t incriminate themselves in ways that I still cannot wrap my mind around.

Trump most likely just wanted to flex his presidential influence and scare the Senators who withdrew their support. He seems to have maintained enough plausible deniability to make prosecution rather difficult.

He may not be the smartest man in the world, but he knows how to get out of trouble better than most.

Hopefully, Rudy Giuliani defending Donald Trump against treason is going to be televised. I need something to erase the last video I saw of the two of them from back in 2000 — Giuliani in drag, being fondled by Trump.

It’s a must watch, if you can stomach it.

Unless evidence of horrific crimes will come to light as soon as he is out of office, I don’t see how there is any benefit to Trump in starting a coup with The Village Idiot People.

Joe Exotic would obviously benefit from the elimination of the woman who made his life miserable and wanted to take away his babies. But who would benefit from the elimination of Joe Exotic?

Carole Baskin? Jeff Lowe — the man who ended up with Joe’s zoo? Both of them benefit. Joe Exotic really did want Carole Baskin dead. He didn’t always make the best choices in his life and often acted like an impulsive child, as well. It could have been his own karma.

So, who is benefiting from what is happening in America?

More people than you would think…

I don’t believe that Donald Trump wants to destroy America. I believe he prefers the destruction of our democracy to having to admit that he lost an election but, to him, it doesn’t matter. The laws have never applied to him or his powerful friends. Why would any of them care if we have a democracy?

The Constitution has always protected affluent, white males. They are the one group who has never had to wonder if they have protection under the law. The toughest fight in this country has been to have that same protection afforded to the rest of us.

Trump is certainly not exhibiting strong leadership skills, but I don’t believe that he was as awful at his job as the critics feared he would be. And, because of those critics, his fate was partially decided by those who were hell bent on proving themselves right.

There have also been opportunistic parasites, unaffiliated with President Trump (Q-Anon comes to mind), who saw an opportunity to capitalize on an already volatile situation. They want attention (which seems to be the theme) and don’t care if they convince my sister-in-law that Antifa is going to kidnap her little white children and sell them to China if they wear masks.

Trump allowed himself to be pushed to a point of no return and played right into the hands of his enemies. The critics said he would fail at leading the country. They wanted to be right so they set out to vilify everything he did.

And he took every piece of bait they dangled in front of him. He raged at press conferences and in interviews the way my sons rage when they lose on a video game.

Leaders can’t be weak enough to react to every single person who pokes them. What his followers admire about him is his weakness. It’s the same weakness many of them exhibit in their own lives:

The complete and utter inability to control their emotions.

Could everything happening simply be the result of a leader who isn’t able to lead? In business, weak leadership can erode away at your bottom line and destroy your company. Maybe we are experiencing the consequences of the actions of a weak leader.

I do love the poetry of the universe. Even the best laid plans are derailed by forces beyond our control. Like in the Joe Exotic case — this could be karma coming to call on all of us.

Nobody could have predicted that George Floyd would be killed by a police officer while the entire world was paying attention.

The COVID-19 pandemic was global — as much as we Americans would like to think it’s all about us, other countries are not going to shut down their economies and fake a pandemic because they hate Donald Trump and America. If we were capable of that type of global cooperation, we might be able to make a difference in worthy causes.

It does seem as though all of this is playing right into the hands of those who might hate America. I believe that Vladimir Putin would have participated in the chaos just to have something to amuse himself while drinking his morning coffee.

Seeds can be planted but how they bloom is all up to nature. I learned this once when I painstakingly planted flowers in carefully blended soil and none of them grew — except the seed that landed in a crack in the concrete.

Who else hates America the way Joe Exotic hates Carole Baskin? Who would want to plant rats inside of us and watch them eat us from the inside?

Maybe this is our own self hatred coming to a head. When you hate yourself, you hate everything else, too.

We openly hate each other. We regurgitate the hatred and negativity planted all over social media with impunity. I’ve been attacked by family members for telling them that something they posted was untrue. They call me the fact check police — like it’s a bad thing to know the truth. It’s ridiculous.

The internet can be wonderful and has enhanced the lives of billions of people. The few will ruin it for the rest of us.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

All of this chaos could result in restrictions on our access to information. That would be an absolute disaster for education. If you take information away from the people, they will drown in ignorance.

What if that’s the point?

If you don’t believe that there is a war against educating the poor, you haven’t been paying attention. In doing research on education for an upcoming article, I was shocked to learn that the US ranks #1.

The metrics used to rank each country are not about intelligence or even curriculum (which is what I am studying). They use the “availability” of education and, since it is mandatory that all children in America attend school, of course it’s available.

If you rent a property and the landlord gives you a bucket in place of a broken toilet, you have something available to you, but…

We do spend a ton of money on funding for public education. From what I’ve seen as a student, parent and researcher, very little of the funding actually ends up in schools or benefiting children at all.

We all know that budgets work the same way a teaspoon of water being passed down a line of kindergarteners would work.

Our kids are little Susie Zimmerman — standing at the end of the line, dry spoon in hand.

What impact does an inept education system have on a population?

This leads me right back to our story, Horton Hears a Coup… (I could do this for hours, I swear).

We are taught American elitism. If you go to a Christian school (or a public school in the south), you are taught that American Christians are as close to being God as, well, Donald Trump himself.

We are told that we are special and better than every other country. They are all envious of us and would happily die in some horrific way just for the opportunity to step foot on American soil. They want to come here, collect our welfare, take the jobs we’re too lazy to do and chase the American dream that most of us are too lazy to go after.

Instead of being angry with ourselves over our lack of motivation or at our government for using our tax dollars to force feed us whitewashed, inaccurate history, we’re angry at the people who are willing to reach for the dream.

It’s like my son, who said he didn’t want his blanket anymore and tossed it back in the closet. He saw my daughter using it like two months later and cried because he wanted it back.

He used it again for a day and abandoned it.

The people crying about the loss of the American dream aren’t pursuing it.

We abandon the American dream every time we refuse to check facts before believing something our idiot cousin posts on social media. There is no American dream without education. There is only an army of mindless zombies, waiting for someone to tell them who to hate.

We have been pushed into scarcity mode — whether real or perceived. When we feel like resources are scarce, we get greedy. It’s biology. Our instinct to survive supersedes everything else.

This is how Trump built his zombie army. He reached out to those who were desperate and feeling like losers. He told them they were winners and made them feel good. He flattered them and showed that, contrary to reality, people really do love assholes.

He fed into their inflated sense of entitlement. He told them they were smarter than everyone else. They’re just like him and, since he and everything he does is the greatest, naturally they are great, too. He told them that immigrants were coming for their jobs. He told them that the media was lying to them.

And they believed it because they didn’t know any better. They didn’t know any better because, unless they are wealthy white men trying to maintain their elite status, they are uneducated fools.

Trump, and his political and corporate allies (let’s not forgive and forget too soon), gave them enemies and helped them to channel their rage towards those enemies — their own friends, families and neighbors.

The fault, it would appear, lies with us. If we refuse to educate ourselves — using the wealth of information available to us, via the internet — we are the problem.

Having spent my career as a ghostwriter for some of the biggest a$$holes in business, I have a unique perspective on leadership and a ton of stories…